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GS Ultimate Version (1000W-10000W)

The GS-CE exchangeable table fiber laser cutting machine is a fully enclosed fiber laser cutting machine

Product Introduction

The GS-CE exchangeable table fiber laser cutting machine is a fully enclosed fiber laser cutting machine . The fully enclosed design can not only reduces the damage of the laser radiation to workers, but also effectively prevent metal debris splash from causing damage to operators. The power of GS-CE fiber laser cutting machine can achieve the maximum power of 10000W, and can be used for a variety of precision parts and machine panel cutting, punching, lettering and so on. The products processed by the fiber laser cutting machine have little influence on the cutting seam by heat and generally do not need secondary processing.




  • *  Using IPG laser source, the electro-optical conversion efficiency is high, which can save power consumption during work and save operating cost.

  • The design of the dual platform, when one workbench is cutting, the other workbench can simultaneously work on the loading and unloading to improve work efficiency.

  • *  The focal length of the cutting head can be self-adjusted following the surface height of the material, even if the surface of the material is not flat, the cutting quality can be guaranteed.

  • *  Equipped with a handheld controller, you can manually control the cutting position.

  • *  With precision ball screw, rack and pinion, linear guide transmission operation, thus achieving high precision, high efficiency and stability of the machine tool.

  • *  The switch of the solenoid valve and the proportional valve is controlled by the system. The input value in the numerical control system can control the size of the proportional valve outlet, without manual adjustment.

  • High-strength integrated welding fuselage and aerospace-grade aluminum alloy beams are subjected to high-temperature annealing to ensure long-term use without deformation.


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